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Founded in 2015 by Waldo Etherington, Remote Ropes is all about delivering practical rope safety and access to the world’s wildest places.

Founded in 2015 by expert rigger Waldo Etherington, the Remote Ropes’ team is made up of select number of multi-disciplined and highly experienced rope ninjas who are qualified in technical rescue, IRATA, canopy access and speciality rigging.

Our aim is to help crews safely explore places that would otherwise be inaccessible. And with our combined experience on cliffs, in caves, up trees, on mountains and in waterfalls, we can deliver unique rigging, rope safety and access in the world’s wildest places.

Put simply: we’re passionate about the vertical realm and helping others to explore it

As a rope safety company specialising in technical rigging solutions, we pride ourselves on offering an exceptional level of care and expertise to production companies and private individuals who want to explore remote and challenging environments.

We provide rope supervision and comprehensive safety at height on shoots for high-profile productions for the BBC, National Geographic, Netflix, Discovery and more. A handful of our highlights include helping crews explore caves in the highlands of Galapagos and in the Namibian desert, filming at the spire of the world’s tallest building and documenting the first ascent of Mount Roraima in Guyana.

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Waldo etherington

Remote Ropes Founder

aidan chitty

rope ninja

meg donaldson

rope ninja

Sean warren

rope ninja

alex turner

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edgar kennard

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Remote Ropes was founded with a spirit of adventure and exploration. We strive towards rigging solutions that enable people to work safely and efficiently in the world’s wildest locations.


With an exceptional level of care and technical expertise, we can get people with little or no rope experience to places that would be otherwise off-limits, allowing them to focus on the task in hand.